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Dental Restoration in Windsor

We provide a full range of dental restorations for damaged teeth. Whether you need a cavity filling, or you’ve broken a tooth, we’ve got you covered.

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Fillings are the tried-and-true treatment for cavities caused by tooth decay. They repair the damage to your tooth and protect it against further injury. And we provide tooth-coloured composite fillings that are mercury-free and shaded to blend with the rest of your tooth!


Crowns are used to repair a badly damaged tooth. We provide a variety of crowns made from different materials, including metal-free ceramic crowns and same-day CEREC crowns. Crowns are coloured to match the shade of your natural teeth, so they blend into your smile.

Inlays & Onlays

Porcelain inlays and onlays are an alternative to fillings. They’re exceptionally strong so they are usually used to strengthen molars that have been damaged. Onlays are a type of inlay that restores the biting strength of a tooth. They’re used to restore the cusps (the pointy parts of the molar.)


A bridge is one of the ways we replace a missing tooth. The bridge is made up of two crowns with one or more synthetic replacement teeth attached between them. The crowns are placed over the natural teeth adjacent to the gap left by the missing tooth. Once it’s in place, the bridge is virtually unnoticeable.


Our CEREC system lets us take digital impressions and produce a crown in a very short time. This lets you get a crown in a single appointment without needing messy impression trays or a temporary crown.

If you need a restoration, call our office today to make an appointment.

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