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Sports Guards and Night (bite) Appliances in Windsor

We provide orthopedic bite appliances and custom sports guards to prevent damage to your teeth. Custom appliances are designed to fit your mouth better than off-the-shelf models, which means they are more comfortable and provide better protection.

Bite Appliances

If you grind your teeth at night, an appliance may help you protect your teeth. Grinding can wear down the surface of your teeth, and it can also result in your teeth being forced out of alignment. A bite appliance prevents grinding while you sleep by keeping your jaws from moving.

Sports Guards

Custom athletic mouthwear is a vital line of defence against sports injuries. Our guards keep your teeth safe during any sport by absorbing impact and preventing you from clenching your teeth. Plus they’re made to fit the contours of your mouth, so they won’t slip or fly out while you play.

Keep your teeth safe. Call us today to learn more about our appliances and guards.