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Preventative Dentistry in Windsor

If you floss daily and brush after every meal, you’re doing a great job of keeping your teeth healthy. Good regular dental care habits are a key part of good dental health. The other key part is regular preventative dentistry. Oral hygiene care and dental examinations every six months give your teeth the best defence against decay.

Oral Hygiene

Plaque and tartar can build up where your brush and floss can’t reach it. It needs to be removed by a trained dental hygienist using special tools. Your hygienist can also clean your teeth to remove stains left by food and drink, and they provide fluoride treatments to protect your enamel from cavities.

Dental Exam

During a dental exam we look for early signs of issues like gum infections, decay, or oral cancer, and we also check your mouth and teeth for injuries. Early detection is important because it lets us treat problems before they become serious.

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